My Diapers Stink!!!

13 12 2007

Many people have been searching my blog for “stinky diapers” and I think this topic needs a post of its own. Let me tell you I have been there! You are doing everything right, you clean them like they say to, you wash after a couple days and again they still STINK! What do I do now?

Here are some things you can do….

The #1 problem for stinky diapers is detergent build up. This is when the detergent you are using builds up in the diaper and holds in odor. The diapers are clean, but they stink after they are cleaned. What you need to do is put your diapers (clean ones) into the washer and rinse them until you don’t see anymore soap bubbles in the water. (While they are rinsing turn off the washer and let the water settle, if bubbles are on top of the water you have build up). Keep rinsing over and over until no more soap bubbles. To avoid this is the future use a little less detergent while washing your diapers, especially if you have a front loader!

2nd thing it could be is that you have used a diaper cream with COD LIVER OIL in it. Your diapers will have a faint….sometimes really strong fish odor to them. What you need to do is stop using the cream and the smell will eventually go away after lots of washes. The diapers are clean, but will just take time for the oil to wash out of them.

#3 is that you could have bacteria build up in your diapers. You will know this because your diapers will smell nice and sweet after washing and drying, but the minute your child pees or poops in the diapers they will STINK! You can’t even explain the smell, it is just horrible! If you have this problem you know what I am talking about. If it is summer time and the sun is bright you can put your diapers in the sun and that will naturally kill off the bacteria or you can put a small (1/4 cup) of bleach in the washer when you are washing them. Do this before the 2nd rinse so that you get 2 rinses to get it all out. I do this once a month to keep the bacteria gone out of my diapers and they smell wonderful and are still bright colors!

I hope this helps with the diapers that stink!

The New year and the New You!

13 12 2007

I feel that every year we get wraped up in this thinking that we have to be better looking, make more money, spend more time with family and lose more weight than the year before.  Why is that?  It would seem that it must be society that is pushing us that way or our friends.  I think it isn’t eaither of those things.

Our sinful nature makes us choose to be discontent in our current situations.  It makes us feel like we should always be more and have more than the year before.  I decided last year that whenever something came up this year (2007) I would take care of it then, not wait until January 1st of the next year.  I have to say it has made the biggest difference in my life. If I see that I haven’t been doing my quiet time during the day, instead of waiting to “start new in 2009” I just picked it back up that day.  When I felt I was ready to lose my baby weight from Owen, I started that next week.  When Dave and I decided we needed to be spending some time alone, we got a baby-sitter for that next weekend.

I challenge you to change what needs to be changed when it comes up.  So why wait for January 1st?  Why not December 13th?

Don’t let this society tell you that you need to be better in 2008, instead commit to being who you should be everyday of the  year.  I have to say, I come to 2008 with no resolutions I can think of doing because I made changes all year long.

Happy New Year