You have to check this out!

8 12 2007

I know that many of you are thinking about lead in your kids toys.  But have you thought about Mercery, Cadmium, Chlorine/PVC or Arsenic?  To be honest it didn’t even cross my mind.

Also, I found out today that all the toy recalls are voluntary!  There is no laws right now in the USA that tell companies how much lead etc. they are allowed to have in toys!

I got this info off the site  You might find it VERY helpful like I did! 

Why Are Toxic Chemicals in Toys?

  • There is no pre-market approval process for the use of chemicals in toys or other consumer products to ensure they are safe.
  • Despite all we know about the dangers of lead and other toxic chemicals, manufacturers are allowed to use them in toys and other children’s products when safer alternatives exist.
  • Weak consumer product safety laws force the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to rely largely on voluntary consumer product standards developed by industry groups. CPSC has little authority and virtually no existing regulations to enforce chemical limits in toys. The Agency has a tiny staff that is inadequate to provide effective oversight.
  • Current laws and policies regulating toxic chemicals in toys and other products are reactive in nature. The system lacks requirements for toy and consumer product manufacturers to test products for most chemical hazards. This problem is compounded by the lack of toxicity information on most chemicals in commerce.

I have found this amazing website you have to visit. They have taken the time to test toys right off the shelves of the stores and listed what a toys has in it and gave it a rating of Low, Medium or High.  I was happy to see many of our toys have a Low rating, but a few have a Medium rating. 

Just passing along some helpful stuff I hope!