Cloth Diapers: Some things I want to add

3 12 2007

If this is your first time reading my blog and you want to know more about cloth diapers click on the side bar “cloth diapers”.  I am just going to add a couple things about some diapers for you guys.

I have bought a new diaper by bum-ware called the Extreme AIO.  I have to say I really like this diaper a lot.  It is so soft, absorbant and is as a great as the original Bum-Ware AIO.  The only thing about this diaper is that the rise is over an inch longer than on the size medium original AIO diaper.  This isn’t a problem for Owen because he has pretty chubby legs, but Grace would have had a problem with that diaper for a while.  She didn’t get her cubby legs for a while LOL.  The other thing about the diaper that is aweseome is that it is lined with suedecloth, which keeps baby VERY dry.  I love this feature right now for Owen.  The only down side to that is that as  your baby grows the baby won’t feel the wetness, making it harder for them to know when they have peed, making toilet training a little harder.

For now, I am going to buy a few more of the original AIO’s by bum-ware.  I always add the fleece covering on the doubler for an additional charge to keep the baby dry.  Then when they get a little older I just turn the doubler over so that the fleece is not touching their skin and they can feel themselves wet. 

Another thing I wanted to add about diapers is wipes!  Many cloth diapering mamas I know you cloth wipes.  I am not one of those mamas.  I use wipes for a lot of things, not just for their bottoms so that would make it really hard for me.  Also, if you buy Huggies wipes you can wash them with your diapers, dry them with them, then just pull out all the wipes when folding the diapers and throw them away then.  This keeps you from having to run to the bathroom after diaper changes to throw out a wipe.  *Yes you read that right, you can wash and dry Huggies wipes without them falling apart in the washer or dryer!*

 I buy my Huggies wipes at Sam’s Club for cheap, cheap, cheap!!!  This box lasts me over 4 months with one child, 3 months with two children and about 2 months with the three of them now.  It is GREAT!  Worth the membership for that alone.

Happy Diapering!