Cloth Diapers #5: Tips

4 11 2007

Here are something’s I have learned from cloth diapering over the past 3.5 years.

1. Use a disposable diaper if you can afford to at night time.

2. Wash diapers at least every 3 days…any longer and they will stink!

3. In the summer lay them out to dry in the sunshine…it will make them very fresh smelling and bleach them very white naturally.

4. Change your child’s diaper at least every 2 hours, sooner if soiled. You can not leave cloth diapered kids as long as those in disposable.

5. Pay extra for fleece lined doublers or diapers, they keep your baby that much drier.

6. DO NOT use any creams that have cod liver oil in them….this includes almost ALL creams at the store. Some off brands don’t have this. READ the labels, if you use cod liver oil creams on your child then your diapers will smell like fish for WEEKS!!!!

7. Always make sure your diapers are folded and ready for the next use. This way you aren’t running to the laundry room for another diaper.

8. Wash diapers when you are down to the last 3-4. This way by the time those are used the others are cleaned and ready for use.

9. Remember cloth diapering is easy in the beginning because you are usually excited to do it. It gets hard when you have been doing it for years or even months. Preserver and it will pay off over time. It is just part of who I am now.