Christmas and the Holidays

9 11 2007

So it is coming closer to that time of year when we start looking at things to get our kids for Christmas. It is always a lot of fun to pick things out for them and then watch their eyes light up when they open it on Christmas morning.

This year is going to be a little different! Isaac is old enough to be showing signs of greed and want. He sits on the couch and looks through the Toys R Us Biggest toy guide magazine and shows me everything he “wants”. He has a list of things he wants us to buy him. Dave and I have a budget we stick to, so we know he will not be getting most of the things on his list.

What we want him to learn is that Christmas is about Jesus and His birth which then led to our salvation through the cross and his death. We want him to understand that we buy him gifts to remember the best gift that has ever been given….our Lord Jesus Christ.

So we have been trying to talk to Isaac about contentment, thankfulness and happiness with the toys he currently has and the ones he will receive as gifts. I just hope it is starting to sink in. We sometimes play this game while driving in the car…I ask ” will you be happy if you get a ______?”, then he responds with ” Yes, I will be happy” Sometimes he has a smile on his face….especially if I mention a Spiderman toy and sometimes he doesn’t look to excited, like when I mention a pair of socks. He is starting to “get it” a little bit. We want him thankful for whatever he receives, not just the things he wants the most.

For now, I am hiding the toy catalogs so they don’t keep taking root in his little heart with a greed and want.