Cloth Diapers #4: How do I wash these stinky things?

30 10 2007

Okay, I know that you all are wondering how do you wash these stinky diapers. We’ll let’s start with what to do with them while they are dirty, but you aren’t ready to wash them yet.

1. Make sure you have a spot for them (like a laundry pail, see post #3 on diapers).

2. If your child has peed in the diaper, remove it from him/her, and put it in the diaper pail…do not rinse.

3. If your child has pooped in the diaper and is ONLY breastfed (no cereal, formula or food) then you may place the diaper in the pail without rinsing it. If they are older and have pooped in it you will need to dump the poop into the toilet. You do not need to scrap it, just get all the big stuff off. Then place the diaper in the pail.

Now it has been about 2 days and your diaper pail is full and you are ready to wash those diapers. First put the diapers in the washing machine and rinse them only in cold water! This gets out the urine etc. After they are rinsed put the water temp on HOT on the washing machine. Add only 1/4 of the normal detergent to the washing machine and wash the diapers. After they are done, rinse one more time.

That you right you rinse, wash and rinse and do an extra rinse. For a total of 3 rinses. The reason for this is that detergent holds in odor!!! If you diapers stink they probably have a build up of detergent in them.

Now you are ready to dry the diapers, I hang all my covers and pocket diapers and I put everything else in the dryer (this includes all the All In One Diapers). Then after they are done I assemble them and put them away. It works great.

Now, you will read EVERYWHERE not to use bleach on your diapers or detergents that have bleach in them. This is true; it will wear down the threads in the diapers and can make them wear out faster. However I Have found that if I add about 1/4 of a cup of bleach to the wash load ONCE a month then they smell a whole lot better and I enjoy using them more. It will not change the pretty cover colors it will just kill all those germs and make them really FRESH!

I wash at least every 2-3 days, any longer than that and they seem to stink. We also use a disposable diaper at bedtime. My kids sleep about 11-12 hours and they wet so much at night that it is just worth our money to put them in a disposable diaper.

Happy Diapering!