Cloth Diapers #3: Now I have my diapers what else do I need?

27 10 2007

Here is where things get a little tricky. Depending on your family, number of children in diapers, how busy you are and how much you want to spend you may choose not to buy these things.

I have just found out that the easier I make cloth diapering the more willing I am going to be to do it. I also have found that having 3 children I am a little busy, so I sometimes need to just make it easier! Many of things I am going to link here have made my life easier.

One thing you will need, you can’t get around it, is something to put your dirty cloth diapers in at home. I have found that the Safety First Easy Saver Diaper Pail is the best for use at home. You are able to use just cheap garbage bags to fill it and it also have a holder in the top for a Deodorizer Disk, which helps keep the smell neutralized.

The second thing you can not get around is having something to put your dirty diapers in while you are on the go. There are two different ways you can do this. 1. Is to buy a reusable bag like the Bummis Tote Bag. This is my favorite way. It is cheaper in the long run and it is easy to find in the diaper bag (due to the great bold color) and can be used to hold wet bathing suits when you are done cloth diapering or you can buy two just to have one for the bigger kids etc. I have a size small and it works great for us! 2. Or you can use Disposable bags to put your diapers in. I have done this and it works great as well. We did this way for the first 2 children and it became a little expensive. A little tip for all of you out there thinking “hey, I have some old grocery bags I could use and it would cost me almost nothing” DON’T do it. They smell horrible and I have had them leak on me on more than one occasion and they make a mess!!!

Some of things you will want when cloth diapering is some doublers. These are inserts that you place in the diaper to give it a little extra absorbency during naptime or outings. For the infant diapers we use the Kissaluvs Booster Doubler. It fits in the diapers great and can be used in the size medium and large diapers when the child out grows the Kissaluvs Size 0 Diapers.

One thing that I have on my Christmas list this year is the Mini Shower Wand. I have never had one of these in the past, but after having to dump and swish poopy diapers in the past I am getting one of these for Owen when he starts solid foods. (More on that in Laundry post). I can’t say if it is worth of the money at this time, but I have read great reviews on it from other diapering mamas.



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