Cloth Diapers #2: What are my favorites

26 10 2007

Here is where it gets fun! I love to pick out and try out many different types of cloth diapers. (This has cost me some money and some time, so I am more than willing to pass this info on to you!)

There are 4 different sizes of diapers usually…small or infant, medium, large and a one size. We will start with infant diapers.

My all time favorite infant diaper is the Kissaluvs diaper in size 0. It is easy, unbelievably soft and great for those explosive diapers newborns have. The size 0 also has a snap down so the newborns sensitive umbilical cord stays safe. These diapers are called a fitted diaper, which means they are snug around the legs and the waist and they use snaps to hold it in place. These diapers are all cloth and require you to use a cover. Our favorite cover are the Bummis Super Snap Wrap. These are soft, fit great and wash great!! The picture of Owen at the top of my blog is of a Kissaluvs cloth diaper without the cover on.

When using these diapers you will need about 15-20 diapers and about 5-6 covers. When using this amount you will wash diapers about every other day. (More on washing diapers in another post).

My all time favorite diaper for size medium-large is the Bum-Ware cloth diaper. These are the best diapers I have ever used and have very few flaws! These diapers are so thin that you can’t even tell your little one is in a cloth diaper. Another plus with these diapers is that they are made by a stay at home mom, which means she takes pride in every diaper she makes! On the down side her diapers carry a little higher price tag, but I have to say they are worth it because they hold up wonderfully. All of our size mediums are on the 3 child and still have tons of life left in them. When using these diapers you will need to have about 15-18 diapers for size medium and about 15 of size large. The diaper we have is Velcro and they tend to get all tangled up in washing machine, the Velcro laundry tap seems to be a little too tiny, but she has fixed this problem by making the same diaper with snaps! When we order some more we will be buying them with the Velcro. Also, she has the most amazing colors to choose from! These diapers are All-In-One diapers which means the cover is sown into the diaper and it does NOT require an additional cover.

Another diaper that I have used is the Wonderoos cloth diaper. This diaper is made to be used from birth to potty training. The idea is great, but I have found that they are way too big and bulky for infants and way too tight around the waist for toddlers. These diapers held up good for m first, but on child #2 they started to fall apart and on child #3 they are almost unusable. We have found that it is just better to buy 15-20 diapers of each size this way they aren’t too big or too small and hold up better than these did.

Now that you know what my favorite diapers are I wanted to list an honorable mention…it is a great pocket diaper (a diaper that you fill to the amount of absorbency that you need, like a Wonderoo). The difference between these and the Wonderoo is that they come in different sizes to have a better fit and they have held up over 3 children! These are Fuzzi Bunz diapers. They are really a great diaper, but are usually a little bulky compared to the Bum-Ware diaper.

Edited: I forgot to add a diaper that I really do love. It isn’t overly absorbent, but it is sooo thin. It works great during potty training when you are trying to catch an accident or when your child is wearing a very snug pair of pants. It is called a Bumkins All-in- One diaper.



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27 10 2007

I am thinking about using Simon’s Christmas money to buy cloth diapers for him. I really don’t have an excuse aymore. It would be easy with only one in diapers, KWIM? Can you get Bum-Wares on ebay? I think I am gonna buy all BumWares this time.

27 10 2007

not very often, her diapers are so popular these days. and if you are planning on having more after simon, you will want to get them first hand so they last the longest time etc.


5 11 2007
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