Cloth Diapers

25 10 2007

I am going to be starting a series on cloth diapers. It will include which ones I love and don’t love so much, how to wash, tips and what accessories are the most important.

Dave and I have been cloth diapering for over 3 and 1/2 years and do so to be good stewards of our finances. With Dave in seminary and working part-time we needed to cut corners everyway we could! With diapers costing an average of 45-75 dollars a month (depending at what stage your baby is at) we knew we needed to do something and fast.

So I started spending hours at the computer researching cloth diapers. Diapers have come so far…what was an AIO, what was a fitted or a pocket? WOW, I had a lot of learning to do. And since I have more people call, email or ask me about diapers I thought it would be good to get it all in one place.

Here are some facts about cloth diapers:

The average parent will spend $2000 on disposable diapers from birth to potty training (average 3 years)

Over 80% of a disposable diaper is not biodegradable.

You no longer have to use pins with cloth diapers.

Cloth diapers are “daddy” friendly and can be easy to use!

Cloth diapered children potty train on the average 6 months sooner than disposable diapered children.

We have spent about $550 on cloth diapers in 3.5 years and 3 children later, making it about a 1/4 of what we would have spent on one child in 3 years!!!!!



4 responses

26 10 2007

I still feel convicted about quitting cloth diapering. I am thinking seriously about it for the next (God-willing) baby. That streak where I partially had 3 in diapers just got way too crazy!!!

I have a bad memory so I will be interested to see what your good dipes and bad dipes are!

P.S. The part about them just filling landfills and not being biodegradable just makes me nauseous!

26 10 2007

P.S. I do remember that I loved my wonderoos (is that right?) and the yellow I think I sold to you (were they fuzzibunz?) I so can’t remember. I loved those!

26 10 2007

Ok…one more comment. I promise. It isn’t wonderoos that I am thinking of. What were those ones I had that weren’t snaps. They were tons of colors and they velcroed. I think they just had a liner in them? You gotta help me out. It’s driving me nuts!!!

26 10 2007

hehe he….you will have to wait for my post tonight on my favorite dipes…and yes they ones you loved will be my #1!! I promise.

I am glad you are considering them again or at least re looking into it.

thanks for the comments.

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