7 10 2007

I am not always the most content person! Let me repeat that again… I am NOT the most content person! But God has really been hitting this subject hard with me lately. I am content for a little while then it (discontentment) creeps in and ruins it all.

I struggle with being thankful and loving what God has done in my life and what I currently have been given. This has really taken hold over these past few months. Now that Dave is finishing up with Seminary and we are starting to “job” hunt, I start to imagine what our next house will be like, what it will be like to have a full time income, what it would be like to buy things etc. That is very wrong of me. When I start to think these things discontentment starts to find a home in my heart. It builds up so that I am not content with what God has given me.

Over time we easily start to compare ourselves to others and what they. Then we say to ourselves I would be content and happy if I only had__________. That isn’t what we are supposed to be saying. We are to be content and thankful for the situation that God has currently given and us and be happy about it.

Every time I find myself becoming discontent I thank God for something He has given me. This makes me more aware of my heart issues. Now that Isaac is three we are starting to see the evil green eyed monster make its way into his life as well. He becomes jealous of something someone else has and he becomes discontent with the things he does have.

I need to make sure I am seeking God everyday to help with this issue, not just for me, but for my children. They will pick up on the things I say and do and I want them to be happy for what God has given them.




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7 10 2007

I can so relate to you on this!!! We’ve never made a lot of money so I sometimes struggle with thinking about things I’d like to have that we just can’t afford right now. Being content with what I have is something I’ve had to consciously work on for years! With God’s help I’ve gotten better but if I’m not careful and I take my focus off Him I fall right back into it!

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