Weight Loss and Goals

27 09 2007

After giving birth to our 3rd child in 3 years this past summer I have been determined to loose the baby weight (and a few extra lbs.). But in this past week I have noticed I am not doing it for all the right reasons. When I look at my heart and really examine it I know that I want to be *skinny* and *look good*. These are NOT God honoring and I am not proud that they has been my heart issue.

Now I started out with the right motives…

1. To be able to run around with my kids and not get tired.

2. To have more energy for my family.

3. To be able to handle a 4th pregnancy easier.

4. To be taking care of the Temple of God, which is my body.

But those motives quickly faded when I started to lose weight. I then wanted to be skinny and look good, not to honor God but to honor myself. I wanted to wear a certain size and have people want to look like me. God really convicted my heart when over the past week I hadn’t lost any weight and I had been working even harder to do it. I than realized my sin.

I have gone back to the original motives. I am no longer going to obsess over a number, but evaluate my progress on the goals and motives I started with. This way I can honor God and my husband.

Have a healthy God honoring day.