It never fails….

24 09 2007

It never fails….

That a baby will cry the moment you lay them down.

The moment you clean the bathroom some little boy will come in and pee all over the place…on accident of course.

That the day before you are getting ready to go on a plane some one comes down with a fever…leaving you wondering if they have an ear infection and calling the dr. begging for drugs….just in case it is and you are 10000 feet in the air with a screaming child.

That the moment you get everyone ready for church someone spills or spits up on their clothes….or better yet all over the mommy!

That the only pair of pants that fit after having a baby are in the dirty clothes the moment you need to go somewhere.

When you get everyone sleeping at the same time someone comes to the door and rings the bell…AHHHH.

The moment you are about to lose your mind you realize that you haven’t had your quiet time and right now is a great time to have one.

A nursing baby will want to eat when a visitor comes over to see them.

Oh having a family is so great!!! I would never change it for the world. What are your “it never fails” ?



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