Fresh is Best!

23 09 2007

Okay, many of you already know that Fresh is best….fresh what you ask….fresh fruits and veggies.

Now, these take up too much time and cost too much to have everyday all the time…but I have come up with some ways to get my kids to eat more and more often. First, I try to make about 40-50 percent of my grocery budget to be fruits and veggies! That means we have lots around the house for every meal. I buy in season and freeze when possible.

On the day of shopping I cut, peal and package all the fruits and veggies for the week. So, on Monday’s after the kids are napping I wash all the veggies and cut them up for dinners, then put them in big zip lock bags (we use the off brand type) and put them in the fridge. This way when dinner time comes during the week I just pull out how much I want to steam and do it. This saves TONS of time during the week! I also try to have 2 veggies at each dinner and one at lunch. (Have them already cut and ready makes it nice for lunches, you just grab some and serve with some dipping sauce).

For fruits we try to have one with each meal except dinner, and at afternoon snack. This makes sure the kids are getting 3 servings a day. We choose what fruit we are going to get the most off based on the sales for that week. I also buy frozen when needed and put it yogurt or cereal. Canned fruit will work, but we don’t use it often because of the poor nutrition content and sugar.

When veggies are on sale STOCK up! Do what you do on shopping day, but lay them on a cookie sheet and freeze. Then put them in a freezer bag. This way they are individually frozen so you can take out only what you need.

Have fun with all the fruits and veggies this week! You will be surprised how much your kids will eat if they are just around and ready to eat.

Post any ideas you have as well!!!! We would all like to learn from you.



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24 09 2007

Would you like to come to my house and get fruits and veggies ready for me? 🙂 Sounds like you have a great system for it! That’s one area we are lacking in is fruits and veggies. Fruits aren’t as big of a problem but I’m not very good at making sure we get lots of veggies. I’ll have to give this a try!

10 01 2008
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