18 09 2007

We have been at seminary for almost 3.5 years and during this time we have met some wonderful godly friends. The type of friends that stick with you through life, ones you call when someone gets sick or there is a new bundle in the home. Friends that you call when you need prayer or a shoulder to cry one. Friends that you go running to and ones you travel to go see (even when you have to tote 3 kiddos along for hours in the car).

This is going to be the hardest thing to leave when we leave seminary. Many of these people have been with me during my first year of parenting, potty training, pregnancy, deaths, fears, joys, labor, birth, home schooling, spiritual growth and drought, good times and not so good times. I have shared in their lives as I have watched them become parents and grown in their marriages and their walk with God.

Now we are coming to an end in the next year here at seminary. These are the years I will remember with many stories to my children and other woman in ministry. I know I will be making calls to many of them to ask about ministry and to share with them.

This post is coming after Dave and I were talking about a camping trip we are planning in October with the Cochran family. We have camped with them in May and the men and boys all went in August. We always have such a great time when we are with them. I mentioned to Dave that this might be the last camping trip with them for a long time so we really need to make it happen. You see we may leave seminary for a job and they may be leaving for the Mission Field. (By the way Anna Lee, Dave said that we can come visit no matter where you are!).

This has got me thinking about friends at seminary and why it is so hard to leave. I guess it is because we know that many of the people we may not see for years or until we meet in Heaven again. That realization is hard, harder than thinking about my children growing old.

Friends are a true gift from God, and I am so thankful for my seminary friends that have pushed me to learn more and to grow more. Who have helped me with parenting or life. I am going to take in every moment I have with these friends knowing it is a short time. I will miss this season of my life, but look forward to the coming seasons as well.



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19 09 2007
Lisa French

Hi Becky!

I’ve always said that it’s so hard for me to imagine the moving around that families in the ministry endure.

I’ve also watched, sometimes wistfully even, over the past several years as seminary families come to our church, bond so intimately and deeply with others and move on. I am always amazed at the deep friendships that you guys make that seem so hard for a lot of us. Your post kind of puts the two together in my heart now.

I think it’s God’s blessing on you for your sacrafices that provides you with the ability to bond so deeply with others “where you are” and take that with you. You and your family will literally be blessed with friends in all corners of the earth before it’s all said and done, and be able to be “home” no matter where you are. I think also you all don’t take for granted friendships, whereas many of us who live in one area most of our lives just may not realize the value of true friends.

We love you guys and hate to think about you all leaving, but then we will also have friends “all over”! You’ll be in our prayers no matter where you are!

Love you all!


PS: Enjoying your blog! The kids think it’s so cool to see your kids on the computer! Ours is:

19 09 2007

Thank you so much for your commment! It is really hard to leave our church family and friends, but staying would be out of God’s will and I know we won’t be happy doing that.

Our church family has become part of our lives and family so deeply that I can’t imagine what it will be like away. That is also a testamony of the lives at CCBC as they have really steped in and helped us.

We love you guys as well and will miss you deeply when the Lord calls us away.

19 09 2007

I feel the exact same way Becky! Seminary is such a wonderful and unique place to meet people and grow together. We have been so completely blessed by the relationships He has given us.

It’s so neat that we’ll have friends all over the world when we leave here. What a blessing!


19 09 2007

Hey Becky… is Michelle in town? I was just wondering if she was coming Saturday. I think Kacie said she hadn’t heard back. Maybe she has by now? Just curious!

19 09 2007

Yup, Michelle is coming! Her husband won’t be able to make it.

20 09 2007

That’s why I love the blogs we have. It helps me keep up with all of you even though we aren’t at the school even more and helps up all keep up with people like Mandy who doesn’t live here anymore. It is hard, especially for the kids sometimes, but praise God that we know we won’t be separated forever!

22 09 2007

Becky – you just about made me cry! you aren’t supposed to do that! It is so true about the friendships. What a blessing and in separation – what a trial. It is hard for the kids too… I dread that time… to hear Justus ask for his friends, to see him having to adjust to some place new and make new friends… eek. Who knows where each of us will be. And yet how wonderfully exciting to see where all of us end up. And who knows – some of us might be co-grandparents one day. 🙂

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