True Unconditional Love

14 09 2007

Many of you may be reading this and say…”yes, I have felt true unconditional love”, the love maybe for a parent, a child or a grandparent. But many of us will never have to put that love to the test and I pray that I will never have to.

There is one woman out there that has shown me the true meaning of unconditional love and her name is Rebecca Berry. One of my first friends I made here when we moved and one that I pray I will always have. Rebecca is a loyal friend, one that you can always call on, one that puts her friends first. She and her husband were the ones to care for my son when we were in labor with our second. She is a very dear friend to me.

She and her husband have been struggling to conceive a child for years. And just yesterday they have been united with their son that was conceived in their hearts almost 10 months ago when they got the news that they had been chosen as his parents. Elisha Berry was born in Taiwan in Sept. of 2006 and is a very happy sweet baby. The events leading up to yesterday’s uniting are God honoring and God driven, only He could have orchestrated the timing of them coming together as a family. Just this past Aug. Rebecca and Donnie were told that they would not be able to bring Elisha to the United States because the USA would not issue him a visa because his birth mother could not be found. And until she signed some papers they would not accept the adoption (even though it had been approved in China) to Rebecca and Donnie. They would issue one if she was unfound for 1 year (which would be 1 year from July 2007 I believed and choose to sign the papers) or if they (Rebecca and Donnie) lived there for 2 years. They have such a true unconditional love for Elisha they were ready and willing to move there and raise him until they could bring him home here. Their devotion for their child reached farther than their love for their home, car, things or jobs. They saw the situation and knew that God would work it out in His timing and in His way, and let me tell you HE did!

Now, they are in Taiwan brining their baby boy home. He may not have been conceived in her womb, but in her heart long before she ever knew him. She showed her faith in God to many and she has taught me many lessons about being a mother long before she was one. For years she has been teaching me and now the lessons continue as I watch her bring her son home.

Many of use will never have to think about leaving everything we know to raise our child, but we can still learn from the Berry family and their commitment to each other, their family and God’s will for their life. Have we truly made an unconditional love commitment to our Father in heaven? Have we decided in our hearts that we will go to where He wants us to go even if it isn’t fitting or what we ever dreamed of? Rebecca and Donnie made their commitment long before they knew all the circumstances; they are true examples of Unconditional love in my book.