Bits and Pieces

10 09 2007

Well, it has been a few days since I have posted and we have been busy. So here are some things that have happened over the past few days….

1. My mom is coming in for a few days….YEAH. Which means I might not have too many posts.

2. We ran out of pull ups so poor Isaac and Grace had to wear diapers to bed….this is a big deal to a big 3 year old. So I am making a run to Sam’s Club in the morning.

3. I have lost 3 lbs. this week…I am very excited. It will slow down now that I have had a good jump start.

4. Owen has Thrush…poor baby and so that means I do as well. We are both on antibiotics for it….oh it is like nursing while on fire.

5. The kids have started back at Gymboree and LOVE it. We are loving seeing all our friends again.

6. School is going great with the kids, we are just trying to figure out how much is too much and at what times they do best with. Isaac is reading a few words so that is so exciting.

7. Owen is going through a growth spurt so he is up eating around 2 am again…hopefully not for long!

8. Dave is working about 43 hours per week and trying to keep up with another Greek class and preaching. He is handling it well, some nights he doesn’t even go to bed! He is very devoted to making sure we see him during the daylight hours.

That is about all that is going on. We are busy with our little ones, but hanging in there none the less.



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10 09 2007

oh i remember thrush with simon!!! it was during our first trip to NM LOL. It was awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay about the 3 pounds=)

Are we gonna get to see you guys on Sat. night, the 22nd?

What did you mean about the diapers? Did Isaac not like them? Noah hasn’t worn a diaper in a couple months and I see what you mean- it would be strange to put him in one again. I miss Sam’s club!!!!!!!!!! Parent’s Choice diapers here stink! So I have to buy name brand and it ain’t pretty! At least I only have one in diapers now…that helps!

Enjoy the visit with your mom. That should be so nice!

10 09 2007

Yeah Isaac was really upset about having to put one on. He was really shy and sad about it. I told him noone will know, we will go get pull-ups in the morning. It is so nice only having one in diapers I have to say.

I will have to see about the 22nd, we have plans until 7pm, what time and where are you going to be?

11 09 2007

Becky – I forgot to ask you about the 22nd – could Brian and I move our date time up that day so we can all get together to see Mandy and fam when they are here that night??


11 09 2007

Yeah of course you can! What time do you guys want, or we could just change our chinese dinner night to another night and you could go out on the 21st if you would like. Just let me know.

Mandy let me know about the time and date for the 22nd.

11 09 2007

I have no idea where LOL. Do you guys have any ideas? I don’t want to volunteer anyone’s house. Kacie and I talked about it but we didn’t talk past what day LOL. Let me know if any of you have an idea.

11 09 2007

well, it should be nice out, I don’t have a problem with everyone coming over here and we could grill out (thanks to the Cochran’s grill) and the kids could play. Just an idea, we could go anywhere and it would be tons of fun.

11 09 2007

that sounds so fun, becky! let’s so what the other gals say=)

11 09 2007

that’s see, not so LOL

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