Well, that’s not too bad?

6 09 2007

That was what someone said to me the other day. Only after they asked me the question….how old are your kids? I say “3, 2 and 2 months”; they then say “Well, that’s not too bad”. I wanted to say, compared to what? So, I started to think about it and talked it over with Dave that I have been pregnant at some point EVERY year since 2003….it is now 2007. If you add in breastfeeding there are only 3 months (July, Aug and September of 2006) that I have not been breastfeeding or pregnant.

Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining here, I love my children, I love to nurse them (well, up until they start to bite) and love being a wife and mommy! I just don’t know how a total stranger can tell me “well, that’s not too bad.”. I also wanted to say…..”Yeah, it isn’t as bad as last fall when I was still throwing up 10 times a day because I don’t have easy starts to my pregnancies”.

Oh strangers, I could just slap them sometimes…..they always seem to have the “best” parenting advice….like when I was told once that I shouldn’t give my child anything that isn’t organic (I am not against organic, if I could afford it I would give a lot more of it) or cloth diapers will give them diaper rash or disposables will burn their skin (do you see a theme here….no matter what you do as a parent SOMEONE will tell you the opposite).

I think the worst thing that has been said to me in public, in front of my kids, was…”oh, the perfect family a boy and a girl, why are you having another?” WHAT!!!! Did you just imply that this new baby in my womb isn’t as important because I already have a boy and a girl!!!!! Now that “new baby” is 2 months old and is the most wonderful little baby, and I would give anything for him, just like I would for all my children. This really made me realize that our Worldview as Christians needs to be that life is important and God created it and we are NOT the ones to decide who is important and who is not.

Whew….that post got my blood boiling…..maybe that burned some calories…hey I might be at 14 lbs. and 15.99 oz. to go…. 🙂