3 Babies and…..

5 09 2007

15 lbs. to lose! All you mothers out there are understanding what I am talking about. I have made the decision to do something about it, so I took the kids to the YMCA and joined…only after I ate a brownie for a snack. (Do you think that helped? 😦 ).

After getting the tour of the YMCA I decided I we should join, if not for the workout, just for the chance to take a shower without someone calling my name. Yes, that is right; they have a wonderful Adult only locker room with nice new showers. The kids can stay in Child Watch for up to 3 hours (wow, I wonder how long I could stand in the shower, especially one I don’t have to clean).

I don’t plan on going more than a few times a week and I won’t put the kids in there for 3 hours I promise. It just sounds so nice to get to work out while the kids play and hopefully lose this weight that wants to stick around.

Well, I don’t even know how to file this post….lets see maybe Milestones…or family…or hopeless goal…yeah that one might work. I will think about it while I go and get another brownie (yes, I found the BEST brownie rec. EVER).

Okay, all of you readers out there that have this weight loss thing under control…PLEASE post some good tips for me…and any other women out there that are stuck.