My Baby is 2 months

4 09 2007

Okay, this is really hard on me. My 3rd baby is 2 months on Wed. Yes, that is right I already have the baby itch. I know I don’t want to be pregnant, but I sure do love having a little newborn in the home. Maybe one day in a couple years if God blesses us with another.

He is such a loving sweet baby. The minute I walk into the room, he stops what he is doing and looks for me. He also smiles and coos all the time! He is sleeping from 9 pm to about 6 am! YEAH for a wonderful nursling little baby.

It just seems so sad how fast the 1st year goes and how slow the disobedient time goes! I just wish I could hold onto these months for years, but God knows that we need them to be short so we will crave them and have more children…well, that prob. isn’t how He thinks of it, but that is how I see it.

Day 2 Completed

4 09 2007

Okay, I know you are all at your computers just waiting for me to post how our first 2 days of school went……okay maybe like 2 people and they are the ones who gave birth to me. I just have to say it went GREAT. Isaac is so excited to sit down at the table and get started. Grace bugs me to do her school work from the moment she wakes up.

Our first day we had daddy home to help and we have made it so that he can be home 2 mornings a week to help with school or Owen. Today was our first day without him and just me. It went really well, a little crazy because Grace had table time first while I did Isaac’s reading lesson with him. I think next time I will do her stuff first and have Isaac do table time first, he doesn’t seem to mind waiting and he understands that he is next a little better than Grace does.

Isaac may go through his math faster than I was planning this year! So we may move into the next book or just hang out with this one until I know for sure he can do it all with no trouble. We don’t want to build on a rocky foundation.

That is news from the home front this week on school….next week I may be writing that this too hard and the kids don’t want to do it. But for right now I am just going to enjoy their excitement.