Keeping Order

2 09 2007

If any of you know me I like order. I like my home to run as a well oiled machine. If we a great day in my home the following things happened….the kids got up, ate, dressed and put their clothes away. The kitchen is cleaned, clothes are washed folded and PUT away (the hardest thing to do I believe), school work is done with no complaints, nap time is easy, dinner is fixed and cleaned up, bath time and bedtime are hardly any work at all… how often does that happen? It has happened about 3 times since I have become a mommy. 😉 To say the least, life is not perfect and life does not happed like we would like. My mornings are rushed, at breakfast at least one person spills their juice, someone doesn’t want to do their school work, at naptime some one keeps getting out of bed, bath time is CRAZY, and at bedtime someone has to go potty after they are in bed.

Even though our days are crazy we should still be striving to make our home a place of peace. To do this I have put into practice some things that help me “keep order” (whatever that may mean). First I figured out how many loads of laundry I do a week….well it is 2 per person (one dark and one light) and 2 loads of towels/sheets and 2-3 of diapers (that is right we cloth diaper) . So I do at least 2 loads a day and I try not to go to bed until they have all been put away. (that is VERY helpful). I also plan my laundry by rooms, for example I don’t wash Isaac’s clothes with Owen’s clothes. They sleep in different rooms so I don’t mix their stuff. This way after I have folded clothes I am not running around putting clothes away, I just walk into the room I have washed and quickly put them away.

With dishes I run the dish washer if the next meals dishes won’t fit in it. So if after lunch it is 3/4 full and won’t fit ALL of dinner’s dishes in it, then I run it and empty it before dinner. This way I don’t have dishes sitting in the sink.

The 3 rd way I help my home run is….My KIDS HAVE CHORES! That is right, my 3 year old takes the trash from the house outside and throws it in the garage bins, my 2 year old puts the clothes in the hampers and puts the wet clothes in the dryer. My almost 2 month old just looks cute and smiles to encourage the older ones while they do their chores….I told you they all have a job. 🙂

Some other things I do are only grocery shop once a week and every other week is a big day. I plan out what we are going to eat for 2 weeks. I go to the store with list in hand and get everything I need for week one and only the non perishables for week two. Then I go the second week and pick up the perishables for that week. This way I don’t waste time going to the store 3 or 4 times a week to pick up some silly little thing.

One last thing I have is my kids all go down for rest/nap time everyday and usually at the same time. This way I can get the big cleaning this done (bathrooms, change sheets, wash floors etc.). Also, these things are also scheduled during naptime….on Monday’s I clean the bathroom, on Tuesday I dust etc. This way I don’t feel overwhelmed etc.

I hope this is helpful to you as you keep order in your home. My home is NOT perfect like I noted in the first paragraph, but I strive to have order so that I may honor God by being able to welcome people into my home and be able to serve in the church because my home is kept in order.

Have a blessed day! Enjoy your day of vacation on Monday. (yes that is right on holidays I don’t do big cleaning stuff, so I have a little vacation as well)



3 responses

4 09 2007


i totally agree with you about the dishwasher! i oftentimes have to end up running it after lunch!

4 09 2007

Mandy isn’t it crazy how the littlest thing can make such a difference to your day? Hope you guys are doing well.

5 09 2007

Wow, you have everything on schedule. Daniel does the cooking and he plans the meal like that— or he makes a list and me and Soleil get the stuff he needs. At the moment we have a little schedule and Soleil lets me clean the house —- for the moment she’s content just sitting a watching– that helps when i need to vacuum. She gets a little upset if I do it without her in the room. But obviously we don’t have as many people in the house as you, so you have triple the things to clean.

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