Getting Ready to Start

29 08 2007

Monday is our first official day of home-schooling. The books are bought, the lessons are ready, the kids are excited and I have ulcers! I am so nervous, I am not sure why, it isn’t like I have someone over looking me to make sure my 3 and 2 year olds are doing what they should be doing etc. I guess the realization that their education is in my hands and I have to fight my urge to be lazy on days when I won’t want to do it.

Isaac is telling everyone he is learning to read. He told his teacher today at church that he is going to be reading and doing math. He also told me he is going on a school bus….oops. I don’t know where he got that idea….so I maybe setting up a pretend school bus in the living room. We will have to have our lunch packed and take a “ride” to school. 🙂

Grace is already practicing her letters and writing her name, she is very excited to get to do “big girl” things. She told me that she can count and do her letters.

Tomorrow we are doing a field trip with our home-schooling group to the Creation museum in Ohio. We can’t wait. The other groups have already started back, but we had a really long month of Aug. and are starting a little “late”. But with home-schooling there really isn’t a “late” time to start I am learning.

Please pray for us next week as we venture into a new world of organized school….something we really haven’t done in the past.



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30 08 2007

Having a pretend bus and ride in the living room sounds like a great idea. 🙂

Good luck!

30 08 2007

Take your city bus to the library! It’ll be just as good, cause he doesn’t know the difference.
And don’t stress! Ulcers take away the fun!

30 08 2007

ulcers LOL! that cracks me up. i know it doesn’t make you laugh though LOL.

30 08 2007

Have fun Becky! I have a friend that would pack the kids lunches in lunch boxes as well. The bus ride is a cute idea. 🙂

30 08 2007

nice post 🙂 hmmm its 100% sincere… and not yet another post for the sake of it.. .. that’ll be a good idea to keep updating us about your new venture.. I am going to come back for more 🙂

btw…… all the best….

24 09 2007

Hi! This is my first time here but I wanted to throw some advice out if you’re interested. I just wanted to encourage you not to feel like you need to be doing a lot of “school work” (book work) with your children every day. I’m not sure what your plan is or how you’re going about homeschooling but with children that young, I would encourage you to spend time just playing with them. There are all types of ways to educate through play and games which is really all they need at first. Reading good stories to them is another thing that works really well to introduce new ideas and topics to them.

I hope this doesn’t come across the wrong way – I am in no way trying to tell you what to do. I’m just a mom who’s been there (I’ve been homeschooling for 8 years) and have learned (the hard way sometimes!) what works well and what doesn’t. 🙂 Of course every child and every family is different so we have to learn through trial and error what works best for our families. God bless you in your homeschooling journey!!

(By the way, homeschooling is pretty much my passion in life so if I can help you in any way or answer any questions you may have since you’re new, I’d love to – just stop by my blog and send me an e-mail or leave a comment. 🙂 )

24 09 2007

Thank you so much!!!!! Anytime I can get some advice from someone that has been there I will!!!

So far we just do about 30 mins. of organized stuff, then we just do a lot of play. I did a little too much the first week, now we are just taking it a little slower and having lots of fun doing it.

Thank you for commenting!!!! Hope you have a great day…how old are your little ones?

24 09 2007

Oh, that makes me so glad! I REALLY didn’t want to appear like I was telling you what to do! 🙂 One of the joys of homeschooling is that if something doesn’t work you can ditch it and move on to something else! You have the freedom to discover what will work with each child and then run with it.

Mine aren’t little anymore – they are 12 and almost 15. 😉

I hope you have a great day as well!

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