28 08 2007

There must be something magical about that number! So, do I have you wondering what could be so important about that number? My son is exactly 3.5 years old this month. On the 12 of Aug. my little boy seemed to grow up in front of me.

Isaac is a very neat little boy. He loves so many different things and he is so much fun to be with. In the past few weeks we have seen some interesting things from him. He isn’t a little toddler anymore he is a growing creative preschooler. He is so kind, gentle, sweet, loving, creative, funny (oh how I love preschooler humor!) and smart (I know, all mom’s think their kid is smart 🙂 )

I try to spend one on one with each of the kids everyday. Isaac’s one on one time is at naptime after the other two are sleeping away. He and I read some stories that don’t interest Grace….books on space. Then we snuggle and talk about different things. Usually we talk about what we did that day etc, but lately it has become about character things…..kindness, goodness, honesty etc. It is so neat to watch your child understand that he has a choice to make, choices that will honor God or dishonor Him.

It seems that at 3.5 years of age there is a new little person living in our home. One that wants to learn and grow……he told me today while driving in the car….”mom, my ankle is growing. Mom it is growing right now! Mom! I am growing up right in front of you.” It was so cute. He wants to ride in a booster seat soooo bad, but we told him he just isn’t big enough yet. Some how having your ankle grow will help 😉

Isaac is my first and I am learning as I go. I just have to say, I love 3.5 years of age, it is really a neat age to parent.



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