Things I Love to Hear While Traveling….and Some I Don’t!

27 08 2007

The things I love to hear while driving almost 400 miles with my family….

1. Everyone snoring except me……while I listen to what I want to listen to. 🙂

2. Isaac saying to Grace “Grace you are my best friend”

3. Grace looking at Isaac and asking nicely for a book!

4. Did I mention my music?

Things I don’t overly love to hear…..

1. I had that first

2. I want to eat…..after we have just stopped to eat.

3. I want a different movie.

4. Kids music, now I don’t dislike kid’s music, it just gets old after 4 hours.

5. Mom I have to go Peee (again after we just stopped and went)



2 responses

27 08 2007

Enjoy all of it, because it won’t be long until they will be doing the driving listening to you snore while they listen to their kind of music.

28 08 2007

HA HA HA! Love it! I’m probably more obnoxious than the kids are sometimes, as I sing their music with MUCH more fervor…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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