25 08 2007

My little girl is so sweet! I just have to share with you what she has been doing. Grace has been carrying her babies around and feeding them when they “cry”. (You guessed it; she lifts up her shirt and feeds them “her milk”). She has just sat them on the floor and told them “be quiet, mommy has to vacuum”, then she turns on the pretend vacuum.

I was holding Owen and told my sister I was going to put him in the bouncy seat. All of a sudden Grace comes running in from the other room “NOOOOO, my babies are in there sleeping”. I walked over and guess what? She has them in there wrapped up in a blanket and asleep! She is such a sweet mommy! I just love her so much.

OH yeah I wanted to add….if you ask her how many babies she wants she will tell you “3, 4 , 5, 6”. That would be so neat to have 6 little baby ferraro/cochrans running around one day….oh did I say that out loud. ;-). Can you tell who Dave and I want her to marry?