Weddings and Children

22 08 2007

This weekend should be very exciting for our family. Anytime you take 3 children 3 years and under to a wedding it can be crazy, but add in that 2 of the children are IN the wedding you just made it a total adventure! To top it all off my husband is the best man in the wedding so he won’t be too much of a help. If you knew my husband he is a VERY hands on daddy and would help if he could and will help the minute he gets a chance.

I am a little nervous about it. I am sure the kids will do great, but I wonder what will happen when they open the door to the church and they see all these faces looking at them. I wonder will Grace start a tantrum, will Isaac become scared and start to cry? I pray and hope none of this will happen, but you never know when they are 3 and 2.

Now the biggest question for me….should I stand in the back with them just in case one of the above happens so I can be an encouragement to them or should I sit at the front at the end of the aisle so they can see me and walk toward me?

To make this even a little bit of a challenge for me and them is that we are traveling almost 400 miles to this wedding. We are staying at my mom’s house, but you know when you travel with kids they NEVER sleep like they do at home. So trying to make sure they get naps in and good bedtimes can be hard. We are going up a few days early so that we can get them used to sleeping in a new place.

Any tips anyone has on weddings with small children please pass them on…..oh on the good note my parents will be at the wedding so many hands to help with baby Owen!

I am so excited to see our friends get married, I am just so nervous my kids will mess it up. I just need to remember that anything that happens will be something everyone laughs about when they celebrate their 25th anniversary.



One response

24 08 2007

I’m sure everything will turn out fine. whether you’re behind them or in front of them. They’ll know you’re encouraging them without you even saying anything. And if they do something silly at the wedding it’s just part of the wedding.

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