Time For School

16 08 2007

Now the most fun and most difficult time of my day…..the school hour. As you see in our family schedule we have school from 9-10 am. This may not seem like a difficult time because it is only one hour, but it is when you have 3 children and one is an un-predicable newborn. So, after a lot of research and asking experienced moms I came up with our hour of school (give or take 15 mins.).

9-9:20 Isaac and Grace work together on Five In A Row by Jane Claire Lambert. I will read the story and then we will complete one or two of the activities for that day.

9:20-9:40 Grace will do her table time. This will be time for her to explore different things on her own at the table by herself while I am working with Isaac

9:20-9:40 Isaac will be doing his math on T and R and reading on M and W. I will be working with him one on one during this time.

9:40-10:00 Isaac will do his table time by himself while I am working with Grace. Very similar to Grace’s table time, but some days he will do more advanced things etc.

9:40-10:00 Grace will do her Basic Skills. It is a book that works on #’s, ABC’s, shapes etc. I will be working one on one with her during this time.

Owen hopefully will be napping during this time. If not he will be doing floor time by himself while I am working with the other two. We will do this schedule M-R with Friday being Daddy Day, so no school that day. On occasion Dave will do anything we didn’t get done or review anything we feel needs more time. I do NOT plan on keep to that hour perfectly. I will take as much time as needed with each of them on each lesson, but it is good to have an idea what each child will be doing during that hour.

During the week we will continue with school at different times. At night we may have a “Chineseā€ dinner the week we are talking about China. We will have apples on the day Grace is working on the color red etc. This will reinforce our current goals as well as show them how “school” can be incorporated into our daily life so it doesn’t get boring or old.