Taking Time For Me

15 08 2007

After yesterday’s post on Schedules you probably see that we are a busy family. I only gave you a snippet into our lives. Like most everyone of you reading this, you are BUSY! Probably working full-time jobs, going to school or staying at home with your youngsters. Life can get so crazy that you don’t take time for yourself. Now, I am not talking about a selfish amount of time, I mean amount of time to lift your spirits, regenerate and recoup.

I have a newborn son who is up at least twice a night right now to nurse and toddlers who need me during my waking hours. Finding time for me has been a challenge and something I had neglected in the past. This year Dave and I made the commitment to give me sometime. I want to share some of the things we have done to keep me being the best wife and mommy I need and want to be.

1. I have joined a Crop Club…..for those non-scrap bookers out there it is a group of women that get together to scrapbook and talk (we do a lot of talking). We meet one Friday night a month at someone‚Äôs house for 6 hours. I love it and I have gotten almost caught up in my albums.

2. I have joined the gym to work out 3 times a week. During past years I have put my health to the side to care for my family, during this last pregnancy we noticed that had taken a toll on me. I have made the commitment to give my body what it needs to care for my family…..some cardio and weight training. This was also a commitment on Dave’s part as well, he doesn’t like the idea of me dropping the kids of somewhere. So we researched and found a gym with a really nice childcare area…our local YMCA believe it or not.

3. Dave and I are swapping childcare once a month, starting next month, with some friends of ours. We will watch their kids one night and they will watch ours in return. This is a great option for those that don’t have Grammy and Papa around. The kids love having a play date as well.

These 3 little things I am doing are making me a better wife and mommy. After having a night out scrap booking and I am more ready to spend time with Dave. After being able to workout I have more energy for my children and I am in better shape to do it as well. This plan has also given us some much needed couple time. With Dave getting ready to finish at Southern Seminary, we are needing more time then ever to talk about future jobs and changes in our family.

If you are a busy person like me (if you aren’t please pass along the tip on how not to be!), then you might want to sit down and draw up a plan for yourself on how to have some time for you. After you do you will be better able to serve those around you.