Back to school means….

14 08 2007

Back to a schedule. We usually do really well with a schedule with our kids until…..SUMMER! Then we are up late, sleeping in and doing things with friends. Today is the first day back for the seminary students, so we are back to bedtimes, homework time (for Dave) and regular play dates. Now, I am from Michigan we don’t start school up there until after Labor Day, so I just can not bring myself to start Isaac and Grace until September as well! It feels so wrong to be going to school in August, so the kids and I are still enjoying our last few weeks of “free time”.

But before I know it it will be time for the kids to get back on schedule. So I thought I would share with you our schedule.

7-9 am

Breakfast, chores, video time

9-10 am

School time, Owen naptime


Snack, YMCA workout time for Mommy, kids at Play Zone

11-12 am

Errands or Play Time

12-1 pm

Lunch and video time (30 mins.)

1-4 pm

Nap Time

4-5 pm

Room Time, Play Time, Mommy Prep dinner


Dinner, Family time


Bath and bedtime

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I go work out in the morning at the YMCA and the kids play there on Tuesday and Thursday they have outside time during that hour. Also, Friday is Daddy Day. That is Dave’s day off because he works Sunday-Thursday, so the kids and him do whatever they like. I work on Fridays to help out a little with groceries and gas money.

During rest time I do my quiet time, laundry etc. Isaac does not sleep for 3 hours so he does book and puzzle time while the little ones are sleeping. Dave works until 10 pm MTW so during the evenings the kids and I just hang out etc. On Thursday nights I go to Seminary Wives Class (classes for wives going into the ministry) and Dave takes a class and the kids go to the nursery on campus.

Some people do not like a schedule, for me, it helps me serve my family better. It helps me to make sure everything is getting done and the kids are getting what they need. I want to encourage you to sit down and see what your family needs and make a schedule for it. I have found that if I write it down it gets done. If not I just sweep it under the rug. Even if you don’t like a schedule you should write out what you wan t to do everyday. For me I have to make a time to spend with the Lord, if not doing dishes, laundry and the kids fill up all my time. Make sure you are spending time with the Lord everyday no matter the season of you life you are in.