Boys vs Girls

10 08 2007

As you know we have 2 sons and 1 daughter. We truly can say that boys and girls are soooo different! Grace is very sweet and loving, but also very emotional. She told me the other day….”mommy you make me so sad” not just sad, but so sad. Isaac would have taken his correction and moved on, not Grace, she will remind you of it hours if not days later. Dave was correcting her the other day and she told him “daddy don’t be a mean guy (this is what she calls all the bad guys in Spiderman etc)”. It crushed Dave, but on the other hand it also made him realize we need to be tapping into this vast area of emotions in little 2 year old.

Isaac and Owen don’t talk as much as Grace. Even at 1 month of age, Grace was already repeating noises, facial expressions and sounds. Owen just looks at you and studies your face, just like his older brother did at that age. Isaac talks when he needs to, gets to the point and tells you the important things. Not Grace!!! She tells you everything she can about EVERYTHING. You can actually ride in the car with her for 20 mins. and she will still be talking about something she did the other day. This is a wonderful thing, but at times she will try to “talk” her way out of trouble, which can be frustrating as a parent.

We have decided that Grace is going to challenge and stretch me as a parent, something that I need! Something I am going to praise God for. I am sure I have been a challenge at many times; those who knew me as a toddler are laughing right now…LOL. Grace may be totally different than her brothers, but that is the way I want it to be. I want her to be who God intended for her to be, sometimes that can just be a challenge us.




2 responses

10 08 2007

It’s so funny because I can totally picture her doing everything you are talking about. And I see her facial expressions as well. “Don’t be a mean guy…” That is too funny!

I don’t know a lot about girls, but I am sure they are very very different!

11 08 2007

oh becky, I just love Gracie. She makes me smile. And she is all girl. Goodness. If I could choose, I might just keep on having boys and look forward to having those daughter-in-laws (Gracie maybe?) 😀

If we do ever have a daughter I’m gonna be calling all the time for “emotional support.” and advice for dealing with her emotions!

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