Teaching Doctrine to children

7 08 2007

Teaching biblical doctrine to children can seem overwhelming and scary. Maybe because we feel we don’t know enough or are “good enough”.  It doesn’t matter why we don’t feel we can do it, we are commanded by God’s word to be teaching our chidren of His ways…. “The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but those things which are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.”  Deuteronomy 29:29

You are teaching your child doctrine all the time everyday! Sometimes it maybe doctrine we don’t want to teach! Remember that when you are in the store and someone takes too long in line and we lose our temper or whisper under our breath….we are teaching self-centerness and anger instead of teaching love and kindness. When my husband comes home late from work and I complain out his job or him, I am teaching them to not take others feelings into consideration and that the world revolves around me. Doctrine doc•trine something that is taught; teachings collectively:

I often think about what I am teaching my kids that I don’t really want them to learn….let me tell you the list is longer than I would like to admit. This is something that has been heavy on my heart lately. I truly want my kids to know Christ and see Him in my life everyday, not all this other junk I struggle with. So in my pursuit to teach them BIBLICAL DOCTRINE not BECKY’S SINFUL DOCTRINE I found this book Old Paths for Little Feet, by Carol Brandt.  This book gives many helpful examples of how to teach Biblical doctrine.

Here is a review from Mary Mohler (wife of Dr. Albert Mohler, Southern Seminary, Lou, KY)

Old Paths for Little Feet is a much needed workd for our children.  The poignant quotes from voices of the past coupled with Carol’s insightful applications make a powerful combination.  Christian mothers who are serious about imparting truth to their children on a daily basis will greatly value this practical work.



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7 08 2007

Thanks for the recommendation, Becky! I have never heard of that one=) I can totally relate about my own “sinful doctrine” LOL. I so don’t want to teach them that!!!

7 08 2007

You are so right about how we teach doctrine everyday- whether we know it or not! So often, the things we don’t want to teach are the things that stick if we’re not careful.

7 08 2007

This is the area I quickly get the most frustrated in. It seems like the harder I try to show my children a good example of godliness, the more I fail. God has lately been revealing His grace to me in a new way, and my life is already transforming. Though I’ve known and taught the truth for so long, I am finally realizing I will never be able to model Christlikeness for my children. I just can’t do it. It can only be done through the grace of our Lord. It has been lifting a huge weight off my shoulders, and I am experiencing prayer and reliance on His grace like never before. Praise Him for this season of filling! I just thought I would share.

7 08 2007

Thank you for all your comments. Courtney you are so right that we can’t do it alone! It is by God’s grace we can do it. It is great that we can show our children God’s grace during our mistakes.

12 08 2007

I’ll check that book out—- we have an awesome store here— the owner is amazing and has taught me so much. I’m gonna take Soleil to see him and see what books I like— I’m very picky about doctrine,

keep me updated on how your children respond to the book.

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